Information about our beautiful island

Lefkada trivia and a short beach guide

Some info on Lefkada

Lefkada (Lefkas) is one of the Ionian Islands, a group of islands in the Ionian Sea in western Greece. It is located to the south of the islands of Corfu and Paxos, and to the north of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Access is possible either by car/bus or by plane. It is 350 km away (3 h 40 min) from Athens via Olympia (A8) and Ionia (A5) Motorways and the Rio-Antirrio bridge, and 370 km away (less than 4 hours) from Thessaloniki via Egnatia Motorway (A2). Access from mainland Greece to the island is conveniently provided by a toll-free floating bridge. Alternatively, Aktion International Airport (PVK) is just 20 km away from the town of Lefkada.

According to ancient sources, the name of the island was probably inspired by the white (Greek: lefko) color of the cliffs on the south edge of the island, at the famous since antiquity Cape Lefkatas.

The landscape

Lefkada is one of the most popular Ionian touristic destinations. It stands out due to its impressive natural beauty and, most of all, because of its scenic beaches. The west side of the island is more remarkable in this regard, offering the most popular beaches as well as equally breathtaking alternatives for the visitor who wishes to relax further away from the crowds.

Throughout the west side the landscape is dominated by green slopes ending abruptly on the sea and long beaches with white coarse sand or fine pebbles which give the water the unique turquoise color that is typical of Lefkadian seas. Thanks to the western orientation, the visitor can enjoy from here the other characteristic of the island: majestic sunsets. Friends of paragliding can enjoy the views in a more extreme way, flying from the village of Exanthia.

The north side

Options are definitely not exhausted on the west side. Many scenic beaches are located close to the city of Lefkada in the north of the island (Amoglossa, Mili, Agios Ioanis, Gira). All of them are big and sandy. At Mili, friends of kite surfing can take advantage of the winds of the Ionian to practice their hobby.

The south side

Southward, the beach of Vassiliki bay is one of the most famous beaches in the world for windsurfing and, due to its shallowness and sandy composition, it is also ideal for toddlers. Close to Vassiliki, Agiofili is another beach of outstanding natural beauty.

The east side

The east side offers many worthwhile options as well, especially when western winds prevail. Here the beaches are smaller and mostly pebbly. The more notable are Afteli, Amousso, Mikros Gialos, Desimi and the beaches of Nikiana and Ligia.

The west side – around Drymonas

As a guest of Point of View vacation homes, you will find yourself at an ideal starting position to explore the west side of the island, within easy reach of the most enchanting beaches. The closest one is cosmopolitan Kathisma (7 km), a popular long and sandy beach with all kinds of amenities and facilities available for the visitor.

A bit further towards the direction of Lefkada city is the picturesque village of Agios Nikitas (7 km) which features a small sandy beach at its sea front. From Agios Nikitas there are 2 ways to access the sparkling Milos beach: either by taxi boat or on foot via a path that goes up and down the hill on the side of the village. Milos is a long and sandy beach similar to Kathisma but more secluded, offering only a few umbrellas and sunbeds.

Moving further north towards Lefkada city we find Pefkoulia (9 km), another long and sandy beach under a steep slope with big pine trees reaching up to the sand. Pefkoulia is a beach that will suit almost everyone as the visitor can choose to stay close to the crowds in front of the beach bar or to find a more quiet spot walking towards the secluded part of the beach.

Taking the western road towards the direction of Vassiliki will bring you to the nearby village of Kalamitsi (5 km). From there, a narrow asphalt road will lead you downhill towards a number of different, equally captivating beaches of various sizes, namely Megali Petra, Kavalikefta, Avali and Gaidaros (9-10 km). All of them are sandy and more secluded than Kathisma.

If you feel like driving a bit more than 10 km from Point of View, then the beaches around Lefkada city to the north and around Vassiliki to the south become an option, but you are not done exploring the west side yet. On the contrary, the 3 beaches that remain are considered to be the cornerstone of the island by many sea lovers. Gialos (22 km) is a sandy/pebbly beach more than 3 km long, guaranteeing your comfort even during high season. Egremni (23 km), another huge sandy beach, has the most dedicated visitors despite the difficult access due to the wild and captivating beauty of the landscape. Finally the world-famous Porto Katsiki (29 km) with its trademark white cliffs, is probably the most photographed location on the island.